Ouray是一个家庭友好的目的地,为游客提供身临其境的户外活动. Complimented by a friendly community and long list of fun activities, 我们的小镇和后院是一个完美的地方,灌输冒险和欣赏户外在你的家庭. 从祖父母到夫妇再到孩子,我们的落基山脉为每个人提供了一些东西. 准备好重新连接,拔掉插头,享受你的经历吧.

Ouray is a wonderful, safe community that welcomes families and kids. 既方便旅行,又能负担得起度假, our town offers many reasonably-priced accommodations from hotels, to rental homes, to campgrounds and cabins. Main Street is full of kid-friendly restaurants and stores, and our local guides are ready to plan a safe and fun adventure for your family.

Family-Friendly Idea Generator

  • Three Girls at campground

    Camp at an RV Park

    Camping at an RV park in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个特殊的家庭友好的活动,结合了户外冒险的刺激和舒适的现代设施. 公园周围有着令人惊叹的自然美景, 家庭可以享受宁静和风景如画的环境,同时还可以获得电力等便利设施, running water, and restroom facilities. RV parks often offer a range of family-friendly activities, including hiking trails, playgrounds, 还有烧烤和篝火的公共区域. 孩子们可以进行自然探索, learn camping skills, and bond with their loved ones in a safe and welcoming environment. 在欧瑞的房车公园露营为家庭提供了远离日常生活喧嚣的绝佳机会, reconnect with nature, 一起创造永恒的回忆.

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  • 舌头露在外面的男孩

    Climb the Via Ferratas

    Doing the Via Ferratas in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个令人振奋和适合家庭的活动,结合了冒险, teamwork, and stunning alpine views. 费拉塔之路是一系列配有钢索的受保护攀登路线, iron rungs, and bridges, 允许家庭安全地在该地区崎岖的悬崖和岩壁上航行. 有经验丰富的教练指导, 儿童和成人都可以挑战自己, conquer fears, 并在一起攀登高峰时建立信心. 费拉塔斯大道提供惊险而可控的冒险,确保所有参与者的安全. Along the way, 家庭可以欣赏令人惊叹的景色, enjoy the fresh mountain air, 创造值得珍藏一生的回忆. Engaging in the Via Ferratas in Ouray is a fantastic way for families to bond, explore the great outdoors, 一起踏上难忘的冒险之旅.

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  • Scavenger Hunt Card

    Complete the Scavenger Hunt

    You can find these scavenger hunt cards at various locations around Ouray. If you complete the task, solve the puzzles, 并回答问题,你将获得一颗来自Ouray的珍贵宝石,属于你自己!

    Locations the hunt can be found:

    • Visitor’s Center

    • Ouray Mountain Sports

    • The Sock Mine

    • San Juan Mountain Guides

    • Ouray Adventure Center

    • Mountain Fever

    • Gator Emporium

    • O’Toys

    • Ouray Public Library

    • Khristopher’s Culinar

    • Little Bucket of Flowers

    • Mouse’s Chocolates

    • Ouray County Historical Museum

  • miner hats lined up on wall

    Do a Mine Tour

    Taking a mine tour in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个教育和家庭友好的活动,提供了一个迷人的一瞥该地区丰富的采矿历史. Families can embark on guided tours that take them deep underground, 探索历史矿山的隧道和硐室. Led by knowledgeable guides, children and adults can learn about the hardships and triumphs of the miners, as well as the geological wonders found beneath the surface. 矿井之旅提供身临其境的体验, 让家庭亲眼目睹这些工具, machinery, and artifacts that tell the story of Colorado's mining past. 这是一个学习的机会,提出问题,激发对我们脚下世界的好奇心. 在乌拉伊的矿山之旅不仅提供了一次独特的冒险,还培养了对历史的欣赏, geology, and the resilience of the human spirit within the family unit.

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  • Girl with fork and spoon in hands

    Eat Meals for Free

    Ouray河畔度假村的“儿童免费用餐”交易, 科罗拉多是一个梦幻般的家庭友好活动,结合了愉快的用餐体验和负担得起. With this special offer, 家庭可以在度假胜地的餐厅享用美味的一餐,同时保持他们的预算. 为12岁及以下的孩子提供免费吃饭的机会不仅节省了钱,还为孩子们增加了额外的兴奋元素. 父母可以品尝美味的一餐,而他们的孩子喜欢在一个免费和满意的用餐体验. 这笔交易不仅促进了家庭团聚,而且还允许家庭享受度假胜地风景如画的河边环境,并为他们在美丽的Ouray度过的时光创造持久的回忆, Colorado.

  • Band taking selfie with crowd

    Enjoy events that are happening

    Enjoying events in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个非常适合家庭的活动,它将这个充满活力的社区的魅力和共同经历的快乐结合在一起. From festivals and parades to concerts and cultural celebrations, Ouray offers a diverse range of events that cater to all ages and interests. 家庭可以沉浸在当地文化中, taste delicious food, listen to live music, 参加有吸引力的活动. These events provide an opportunity for families to connect with the community, make new friends, and create lasting memories. 无论是在7月4日看烟花,还是参加当地的集市, 在Ouray享受活动是一种丰富的体验,它促进了团聚,并为整个家庭创造了归属感.

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  • 妈妈和女儿在盒子峡谷瀑布

    Explore Box Cañon Falls Park

    Box Cañon Falls Park in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个非常适合家庭活动的地方,它提供了一个迷人的自然奇观来探索. 这个风景如画的公园是Box Cañon瀑布的所在地, a stunning 285-foot waterfall enclosed within a narrow canyon. Families can embark on a scenic hike along well-maintained trails, 从多个角度可以看到令人叹为观止的瀑布. 孩子们可以了解地质构造, 观察湍急的水流的力量, 让自己沉浸在大自然的美景中. The park also provides picnic areas and educational displays, 让家人在瀑布的美景和声音中享受悠闲的晚餐. 盒子Cañon瀑布公园提供了一个混合的冒险, education, and natural beauty, 使其成为乌拉岛理想的家庭友好目的地, Colorado.

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  • Little boy in waterfall

    Explore the Canyons

    既然你能置身其中,为什么还要去看瀑布呢!? Canyoning in Ouray, Colorado is an exceptional family-friendly activity that combines adventure, nature, and bonding. With its stunning canyon landscapes and cascading waterfalls, Ouray为家庭探索和享受户外活动提供了理想的环境. From rappelling down rock faces to navigating through crystal-clear pools, canyoning provides a thrilling yet safe experience suitable for all ages. 经验丰富的导游可确保每个人的安全和享受, 让初学者也能接触到. Engaging in canyoning in Ouray allows families to create lasting memories, strengthen their relationships, and instill a sense of adventure in the younger generation, making it an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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  • Boy with ice cream in his hands

    Get some ice cream

    Getting ice cream in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个令人愉快和适合家庭的活动,给任何家庭出游带来一丝甜蜜. Ouray拥有迷人的冰淇淋店,在那里家庭可以沉迷于各种美味的口味和对待. 从经典的最爱到独特的当地创作, 总有一些东西能满足每个人的味蕾. Whether strolling along the streets or relaxing in a cozy shop, 一起享用冰淇淋的简单乐趣创造了欢乐和团聚的时刻. Children's faces light up with excitement as they savor their favorite flavors, 而父母则喜欢分享经验. 在Ouray买冰淇淋是一种美味的享受,也是家庭放松的机会, bond, and create lasting memories in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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  • 妈妈带着两个女儿在桥上

    Go for a Hike

    Hiking in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个特殊的家庭友好活动,让家庭沉浸在令人惊叹的自然美景中,享受美好的时光. 有许多风景优美的小径可供探索, Ouray offers a range of hiking options suitable for all ages and skill levels. 家庭可以悠闲地漫步在野花盛开的草地上,或者冒险走上更具挑战性的小径,通往雄伟的瀑布或全景. Hiking promotes physical fitness, encourages curiosity, 并在孩子们发现该地区的自然奇观时,向他们灌输一种惊奇感. It also provides an opportunity for meaningful conversations, bonding, and creating lifelong memories amidst the serenity of the great outdoors. Hiking in Ouray is the perfect way for families to reconnect with nature, 欣赏周围的美景, and nurture a love for adventure in the younger generation.

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  • Little girl on a horse

    Go Horseback Riding

    Horseback riding in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个非常适合家庭的活动,它提供了一个独特的户外探索和联系的结合. 乌拉伊风景如画的风景为家庭走上难忘的骑马冒险提供了令人叹为观止的背景. 有了温和且训练有素的马,即使是孩子也可以安全地享受这项活动. Riding through scenic trails, 一家人可以沉浸在大自然的美景中, spot wildlife, 了解当地的生态系统. 骑马有助于交流, teamwork, 以及家庭成员之间的冒险意识, 培养更深层次的联系,创造珍贵的时刻,这些时刻将被珍藏多年. 这是远离科技的理想方式, 拥抱大自然的宁静, 创造一个家庭的终身回忆.

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  • Girl climbing up ice wall

    Go Ice Climbing

    Ice climbing in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个令人兴奋和适合家庭的活动,在令人惊叹的冰冻景观中提供惊险的冒险. Ouray is renowned as the ice climbing capital of North America, 为所有年龄和技术水平的攀登者提供安全和无障碍的环境. 有经验丰富的教练指导, families can learn the ropes, don crampons and ice axes, 登上冰冻的瀑布和冰的构造. Ice climbing promotes teamwork, communication, and resilience, as family members support and encourage each other throughout the climb. 这是孩子们挑战自我的机会, build confidence, 培养一种成就感. Amidst the breathtaking scenery and the rush of adrenaline, 在欧瑞岛,攀冰可以让家人之间的关系更加紧密, create unforgettable memories, and experience the wonders of nature in a truly unique and thrilling way.

  • Two Girls tubing on hill

    Go Sledding

    Going sledding in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个令人兴奋和适合家庭的活动,给所有人带来欢乐和笑声. 我们的雪景和平缓的斜坡为充满乐趣的雪橇冒险之旅提供了完美的环境. Families can bundle up, grab their sleds, 然后前往指定的雪橇区,儿童和成人可以以令人兴奋的方式从山上滑下来. 急速滑下斜坡的兴奋感, the crisp winter air, and the sound of laughter create cherished memories for the whole family. 滑雪橇促进身体活动, coordination, 和友好的竞争,同时培养团结和共同冒险的感觉. 这是一项跨越几代人的活动, allowing parents, grandparents, and children to bond, cheer each other on, and enjoy the pure thrill of sliding through the snow in beautiful Ouray, Colorado.

  • 狗趴在地上,女人在人行道上抽大麻

    Make Art

    Making art and pottery in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个奇妙的家庭友好活动,培养创造力和培养有意义的联系. Ouray提供各种艺术工作室和陶艺工作室,家庭可以在这里发挥他们的艺术才能,一起探索他们的想象力. From painting to sculpting clay, 这些动手活动使儿童和成人能够表达自己并创造独特的艺术作品. Working side by side, families can share laughter, learn new skills, 支持彼此的创造性努力. 在Ouray从事艺术和陶器不仅提供了一个有趣和引人入胜的体验,而且还鼓励自我表达, boosts confidence, 在家庭中培养对艺术的热爱. It's an opportunity to bond, create cherished mementos, 并在迷人的乌雷环境中庆祝艺术过程之美, Colorado.

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  • Girl at a park in the mountains

    Play at the Park

    Going to the park in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个令人愉快和适合家庭的活动,提供了放松和娱乐的完美结合. 拥有维护良好的绿地, playgrounds, and picnic areas, 公园为家庭提供了一个放松和享受美好时光的理想场所. 孩子们可以在户外玩耍, swing on the swings, climb on jungle gyms, 在安全和温馨的环境中自由奔跑. 家庭也可以在美丽的环境中享受野餐,享受美味的食物. 公园提供了悠闲散步的机会, bike rides, 甚至还有友好的飞盘或接球游戏. 无论是沐浴在阳光下, appreciating the natural beauty, 或者只是享受彼此的陪伴, going to the park in Ouray is a wonderful way for families to connect, rejuvenate, and create cherished memories.

    📸 @hausvonfloof

  • Candy shop interior photo

    Peek into sweet ouray

    走进Ouray的Sweet Ouray糖果店, 科罗拉多是一个令人愉快和适合家庭的活动,承诺为所有的甜蜜冒险. This charming candy shop is a haven for both kids and adults, offering a wide array of delectable treats and confections. Families can explore the vibrant displays filled with colorful candies, chocolates, and nostalgic favorites. 新鲜制作的乳脂软糖的香气弥漫在空气中,吸引着游客们尽情享受这种颓废的享受. 孩子们可以高兴地选择他们最喜欢的糖果, while parents can reminisce about their own childhood favorites. 友好的工作人员增添了热情的气氛,使访问更加愉快. 走进Sweet Ouray糖果店可以让家人因为对糖果的共同热爱而联系在一起, create lasting memories, 并体验经典的乐趣, 适合家庭的活动,位于欧瑞市中心, Colorado.

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  • Boy rock climbing

    Rock Climb

    Rock climbing in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个令人振奋和适合家庭的活动,它提供了冒险和团聚的完美结合. 这里有令人惊叹的悬崖和岩层, Ouray为家庭提供了一个风景如画的背景,享受惊险的攀岩体验. 无论是攀爬室内墙壁还是处理室外路线, 攀岩鼓励团队合作, communication, and trust among family members. It offers a chance for children to develop physical strength, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence while being supported by their loved ones. 有经验丰富的教练指导 and a focus on safety, 家庭可以探索垂直世界, conquer challenges, 一起创造永恒的回忆. 在Ouray,攀岩是一项赋予力量和令人难忘的活动,它加强了家庭成员之间的联系,培养了家庭成员的成就感.

    📸 @Viasana_ouray

  • 女孩高举双臂,背景是瀑布

    See Waterfalls

    Seeing waterfalls in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个真正神奇和适合家庭的活动,吸引了年轻人和老年人. With its stunning mountainous terrain and abundant natural springs, Ouray offers a plethora of magnificent waterfalls to explore. Families can embark on scenic hikes or drive to designated viewpoints, 在那里他们可以看到令人敬畏的瀑布之美,因为它落入水晶般清澈的水池下面. 瀑布的绝对力量和优雅提供了令人难以置信的感官体验, 为孩子们创造一种惊奇和迷人的感觉. It's an opportunity for families to learn about the forces of nature, 欣赏地球的奇迹, 惊叹于周围的美景. 在Ouray看瀑布是一项适合家庭的活动,可以创造终身的记忆,并灌输对自然世界奇观的深刻欣赏.

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  • 小女孩在滑雪板上抓着拖绳

    Ski down Lee's Ski Hill

    在欧雷的李氏滑雪场滑雪, 科罗拉多是一个非常适合家庭的活动,为所有人提供一个难忘的冬季冒险. 坐落在风景如画的群山之中, 李氏滑雪场为家庭提供了一个安全而温馨的滑雪环境. With a range of ski runs catering to different skill levels, 从初学者到更有经验的滑雪者, everyone can enjoy the thrill of gliding down the snowy slopes together. The friendly and knowledgeable staff ensure a positive experience, providing lessons for beginners and assisting families with equipment rental. 在李氏滑雪场滑雪可以促进身体健康, boosts confidence, and creates lifelong memories as families carve through the snow, take in the breathtaking scenery, 在欧瑞的冬季仙境享受美好时光, Colorado.

  • Three girls in the hot springs

    Swim in the Hot Springs

    在欧瑞的温泉里游泳, 科罗拉多是一个令人愉快和适合家庭的活动,为每个人提供放松和乐趣. 乌拉韦以其天然的地热温泉而闻名, 哪些能提供舒缓和恢复活力的体验. 一家人可以一边浸泡在富含矿物质的温水中,一边欣赏周围的山景. 温泉提供不同的游泳池选择, 包括给小孩子的浅水区域, 使它对所有年龄的人都安全和愉快. 孩子们可以四处玩耍,玩游戏,结交新朋友,而父母则可以放松和充电. The hot springs provide a tranquil atmosphere for families to unwind, connect, 在一个真正独特的环境中创造持久的记忆. 在乌雷的温泉里游泳是一种体验大自然治愈力量的好方法,也是与爱人共度美好时光的好方法.

    📸 @viasana_ouray

  • Blue jeep on rock in mountains

    Take a Jeep Tour

    Going on a jeep tour in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个令人兴奋和适合家庭的活动,提供了一个独特的机会,一起探索该地区的崎岖之美. 有知识渊博的导游在驾驶, 家庭可以踏上惊险的越野冒险,穿过令人惊叹的风景和风景秀丽的山间小径. 吉普车之旅为所有年龄段的人提供了一种安全舒适的方式来体验穿越岩石地形的快感, crossing streams, and taking in panoramic vistas. 孩子们将被崎岖的地形和在自然栖息地发现野生动物的机会所吸引. 整个家庭因为共同的经历而团结起来, 他们创造了持久的记忆,并对周围的自然奇观有了更深的欣赏. 在欧瑞乘坐吉普车旅行是一项充满冒险的活动,可以让家人与大自然亲密接触, embark on thrilling escapades, 一起创造珍贵的时刻.

    📸 @Kelly.a.sandy

  • Museum materials

    Visit The Museums

    Going to the museums in Ouray, 科罗拉多是一个迷人的和家庭友好的活动,提供一瞥该地区丰富的历史和文化. Ouray boasts a variety of museums that cater to different interests, 从采矿和自然历史到艺术和当地遗产. 家庭可以探索互动展览, learn about the pioneers and indigenous cultures that shaped the area, 并发现迷人的文物和展品. 参观博物馆为儿童和成人提供了扩展知识的机会, engage in hands-on activities, and spark curiosity. It's a chance for families to bond over shared learning experiences, have meaningful conversations, and gain a deeper appreciation for the unique heritage of Ouray. 去Ouray的博物馆是一项丰富的活动,可以培养对终身学习的热爱,并为整个家庭创造持久的记忆.


Splash & Play.

Ouray温泉池是我们地区最大、最具代表性的温泉池. 被13,000英尺的雪峰环绕,这个地方有五个地热加热池. 我们的温泉有成人专用的浸泡区, two fast water slides, a playground/obstacle course and climbing wall in the activity pool, a workout pool with 8 lap lanes, and two all-ages pools. If you're looking for something everyone will enjoy, you can't go wrong here.


Take a Climbing Lesson.

Over the years, Ouray has become a mecca for climbing; scenic vistas, world renowned ice climbing, 充足的野外地形使这里成为了绝佳的登山目的地. 无论家庭规模或能力水平如何, booking a climbing ability is a great activity to spend the day with.


Explore our Via Ferrata.

The Ouray Via Ferrata 路线从冰公园环路开始,在新Funteer通道的南端,穿过Uncompahgre河, 继续向北,经过“上桥”结束。.

这条路线有各种各样的狭窄岩壁, 横过空白岩石剖面的梯级, 攀爬和下降路段和电缆穿越-整个路线由连续安全电缆保护.